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STA Australia is an association dedicated to the development and professionalism of sports turf management.

The STA Australia Committee is made up of representatives from the various STA states. 

On the 25th June 2014 at an annual meeting, the states agreed to form a National Body to create a stronger more united organisation.

Each state operates independently managing memberships, sponsorship and events.

The STA Australia Committee 2017-18
President: Mr Chris Chapman (New South Wales)
Vice President:  
Treasurer: Mr Tony Guy (Western Australia)
Committee members: Mr Malcolm Caddies (Queensland)
  Mr Gerry Charlton (South Australia)
  Mr Brad van Dam (Australian Capital Territory)
  Mr Todd Struthers (Acting President, Tasmania)
  Mr Mark Doyle (Victoria)

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Summer brings new watering challenges.


As summer approaches sports fields take on new conditions.  Some will be stretched in the summer heat. 
Without sufficient watering stresses can be detrimental to the turf in both short and long term.  A considered maintenance approach is warranted.

Over the years a number of studies have been made on requirements to maintain the health of the turf.  Across Australia and across city areas, conditions can vary dramatically requiring quite diverse needs.  Below are a some guidelines which may assist you in evaluating your local needs

A brief background,  

In 2000 South Australia witnessed a significant drought which fostered a greater investigation and understanding of the requirements to maintain sports fields and open spaces.  The original results were released in 2001 through South Australian Water. This was reviewed again in 2016 to ensure it was still relevant with change in climate.  The template/table is available by email request to admin@sportsturf.asn.au. In addition they have published "Code of Practice   Irrigated Public Open Space.  Operational Guide."  It may be the answer to your local sports fields needs even if located many miles from South Australia


In Victoria a cluster of interested parties of open spaces and sports fields prepared a report "Best Practice Guidelines for Open Public Space" embracing not only sports fields but the broader open space requirements.  Further reading can be obtained from this link.


In addition Cricket Queensland made a case study  evaluating the water needs for the Peter Burge practice wickets.  Whilst this review was to a specific site, it gives in-site to the broad needs for a healthy pitch. A copy of this summary is available by request to admin@sportsturf.asn.au

We trust these reports may assist in defending the integrity and longevity of your playing surface in testing weather conditions and limited water resources.  It is certainly cheaper to retain what you have than to rebuild due to turf field being parched, starved and damaged.

STA-Australia Toro Graduate of the Year

Candidates from all states gathered late June in Brisbane for the final judging and selection of the 2018 Graduate of the Year.

As has been witnessed in the past, the calibre of candidates was a delight to see and we should be pleased to know we have some real leaders of the future emerging.

On the Monday night of the events the National winner was announced as Nathan Andrews from Victoria.

Nathan has been a with CityWide for his entire apprenticeship over the last 3 1/2 years and been a serious contributor to the success in CityWide local government projects  
Nathan will now enjoy the benefits of seeing the industry on a broader perspective with a trip later this year courtesy of Toro.

This program has been a fantastic way to recognise the growth and development of our newer members to the industry who have not only completed the apprenticeship but shown maturity, vision and leadership.  Toro are to be congratulated for their support and endorsement of the STA's Mission to advance the skills, knowledge and leadership in the Turf industry with this outstanding award.


All members of STA State Regions are automatically members of STA Australia.

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A Professional Future

STA is committed to the development of professional Sports Turf Managers.

STA is proud to be involved and work with the National Turf Education Working Group who strive to ensure training standards for sports turf managers are maintained and reviewed.

The Annual Sports Turf Graduate of the Year Award is much sought after title and young graduates of Certificate III in Sports Turf Management from all STA states battle for the title.  STA Australia is proud to be associated with Toro Australia for the sponsorship of this award.


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