Welcome to the Sports Turf Association, Australia Inc.

STA Australia is an association dedicated to the development and professionalism of sports turf management.

The STA Australia Committee is made up of representatives from the various STA states. 

On the 25th June 2014 at an annual meeting, the states agreed to form a National Body to create a stronger more united organisation.

Each state operates independently managing memberships, sponsorship and events.

The STA Australia Committee 2016-2017
President: Mr Chris Chapman (New South Wales)
Vice President: Mr Nathan Tovey (Victoria)
Treasurer: Mr Tony Guy (Western Australia)
Committee members: Mr Malcolm Caddies (Queensland)
  Mr Gerry Charlton (South Australia)
  Mr Scott Harris (Australian Capital Territory)
  Mr Chris Hay (Tasmania)

STA Victoria have recently released the findings on a study of Poa Annua Control in Warm-Season Grass, Sportfields.


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